Follow trading with full control

The first Populi event

First Populi event hosted by Bixin, Bangkok and what we've been doing since that time.

On the 21st of November we held our first event at Bixin’s office, Empire Tower in Bangkok Sathorn area. We’ve had about 10 people show up to hear our first ever Populi pitch. We were pleased with the turn out, even if the number appears small we had good engagement from all the participants. We got some valuable input which would definitely be useful further down the line.

From this first experience since then, we’ve pitched our folllow trading product to several people receiving positive feedback at every pitch.

To improve the chances of getting our seed funding, we are planning a roadshow through China that should commence the first week of January 2019. Ryan Cooke will travel together with Alexander Jiung to several major cities in China to pitch our follow trading product.

Stay tuned for more updates the coming weeks as we get this underway!