Follow trading with full control

Why Populi

Easy to use

We intend to bring crypto currency to the masses, no more clunky hard to use apps.

Seamless integration with the blockchain without even knowing it!

Exchange agnostic

Populi allows you to get follow traders from a number of exchanges.

Expert traders can keep using their favorite exchange as usual without having to change anything in their workflow.

Maximum Support

Populi was born from people who grew into crypto, therefore we understand the struggles for beginners.

We are dedicated to offering great support with onboarding, making you feel comfortable with the follow trading experience.

Supported Platforms

Populi aims to make our solution accessible to as many platforms as possible.

Through the simple UI of our mobile apps we will bring follow trading on the go.

With the desktop platforms, Populi will bring the power of portfolio management to a centralized place Including the best and latest crypto news.

Populi Features

Flexible fee structure

Follow traders pay Expert traders per hour and can set a schedule when to follow an Expert trader.


Expert traders orders are executed immediateley for all followers with low latency.

Easy onboarding

Guided setups for supported exchanges make it really easy for crypto beginners to start follow trading!

Exchange agnostic

Populi supports multiple exchanges (Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex), you're not locked in to using one exchange.

In app payment

Payments and earnings all arranged within the Populi app.


Follow traders can host their trading keys on their devices for the best security and control.

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Our Team

Ryan J. Cooke


Rolf P. Streefkerk


Gareth Nellis


Dylan Clarkson


Christopher Khan


Daniel Mathieu

Mobile App Developer


Alexander Jiung

Blockchain Advisor

John Chamberlain

EOSIO Software Advisor